How to choose the office chair

There are many types of office chairs, which differ in materials, upholstery, and most importantly, ergonomic characteristics, which determine their comfort.
Office chairs differ not only in ergonomic features but also in upholstery characteristics, which can be mainly in:
  • leather, mostly used to line executive chairs,
    fireproof fabric.

These types of upholstery differ in elegance, ease of cleaning, but above all in breathability, which is in fact one of the requirements in occupational safety regulations.
Some models, the most ergonomic, even have a mesh backrest to maximize the passage of air, thus preventing overheating of the seat.

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Furnish your space for SMART WORKING

In the wake of the Covid emergency, the topic of smartworking has become of vast interest: how do you choose the right chair for working on a PC at home? If you used to work in an office you were used to an ergonomic chair , but now you had to make do with the chairs you had at home.
This means that you most likely found yourself struggling with problems such as back pain, shoulder tension, even migraines. These are very common problems when working long hours at a PC, which is precisely why in addition to sitting in the right position, it is important to choose the right chair for work, even better if it is an ergonomic chair. If you’ve decided it’s time to invest in this accessory, we’ll explain how to choose the right chair.
When you spend many hours sitting in front of a PC screen, the most important thing is to maintain as natural a posture as possible.
Focusing on maintaining the correct posture is not enough-you need a chair that facilitates and accompanies this posture. Ergonomic chairs are designed for this very function, and there are two key features:
  • possibility of height adjustment, so as to best adapt to the work surface
    possibility of tilting the seat downward, which is essential to avoid straining the backand to avoid slouching.

Lumbar support.

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Office partition screens for your security.

The pandemic that has struck globally has forced companies to run for cover by accelerating the implementation of solutions and forms of remote work that until now had been used only in rare cases.
Partition panels are the only ones that allow multiple people to share a space. Even if we are two meters apart a partition panel will make everyone feel safer, even more so than the face mask that is unthinkable to wear anyway.
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