Upholstery Chairs, Armchairs for Environments, Home, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Institutions.

We make upholstery and padding for chairs and armchairs, customized with the fabric and faux leather at the customer’s request.

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Custom Foam Cutting.

Foam rubber for padding of multiple sizes, we cut it to the shape and size required by the customer.

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Extra Supplies

Supply of custom-cut wood panels as requested by the customer, for seating, partitions , showcases, fairs, events, public and private places with or without covering.

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Zefla 2023


Work is carried out in the mechanical field: turning, milling of metal parts and components using specific machinery.
Requests for parts are completed with surface treatments.
All customized as per customer specifications.
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Environments / Ambiences

Supply wooden seating and partition panels according to customer’s request with or without coating for showcases, fairs, events, institutions, public and private places. Table covering. All customized and made-to-measure.

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